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Trip coordinators should use the "Trip Coordinator Submission Form"to submit a trip.  Information is automatically posted to the event calendarPlease use GOOGLE CHROME as your browser when working with the trip calendar as other browsers do not load the pages properly. 

To update or delete a trip you will need a password. Trip Coordinator Edit Form  (edit/delete previously posted trips. Password needed)


  • Trip Coordinator Guide (Southern Alberta ACC section. All trip coordinators must read this and agree to the guidelines set out in this guide, prior to coordinating a trip)

  • Waiver - all trip participants must sign a waiver for each trip they go on (see "forms" below). Please print enough of these for all your participants to sign at the meeting place.

The Section currently has some gear that can be borrowed from the Section Chair (i.e., first aid kit, group shelter, ropes, base-camp stoves, avalanche transceiver). Please contact the chair to borrow this gear.

If participants do not have certain gear (e.g., tents, harnesses), members may be able to rent them from shops in Calgary.

Southern Alberta Alpine Club News Blog

Southern Alberta Alpine Club News Blog


Trip Coordinator Rewards Program


The Executive Board is excited to officially launch a section 'Trip Coordinator Rewards Program' - follow the link below for details. This program is a monetary rewards program aimed to give back to trip coordinators who volunteer their time and effort organizing club activities. The program two pronged, a fiscal award to members in the form of a MEC gift cards or camp or course subsidy who organize club activities per fiscal year and a lifetime a...achievement award that rewards members with gear after achieving trip bench marks throughout a members club career. Remember, eligible trip coordinators must earn a minimum of three points to receive a fiscal reward; so if you are thinking of organizing a trip this year, fill out your trip submittal forms before Oct 15 to be credited, the more points the greater the reward. All eligible trip coordinators who have lead trips and activities this fiscal year will be announced and awarded at this year's Annual General Meeting (late Oct). Further details about the Trip Coordinator Rewards Program will also be covered at the AGM.