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2018 Summer Camp

Highwood Group Area

August 8-13

Camp Details

We are excited to be taking our Southern Section’s Summer Camp to the Highwood Group Use Area for a change of scenery! A different area for us to explore, a bit closer to our Southern Alberta home-base and of course, offers a plethora of hikes, scrambles and climbing (particularly trad climbing close to the Highwood Group Use location). Also a renowned area for fly-fishing during down-time and quiet evenings- who knew!

The one fee of $150 per person covers the cost for all 5 nights, hiking/scrambling/climbing activities will be organized and led by our mighty outdoor leaders Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Camp fees will also help us supply campfire evening snacks! Meals are not included, but a cooking shelter with picnic tables is provided. An efficient, eco-friendly dish washing/sanitizing station is also a priority this year to minimize packing multiples of the same thing. A couple time references; Highwood Group Use is roughly 2.5 hours from Lethbridge and 30-45 minutes from the Peter Lougheed Discover Centre.

*Check in time is after 4pm on Wednesday August 8th,

check out time is before 2pm on Monday August 13th*

There are 20 tent sites available, to register please choose from the Tent Holder, Participant or Family Site options:

Family Sites (18-20): $300 site fee is for two adults and kids. Three sites have been reserved for families. Please let Kira know ASAP if more than one tent is required!

Tent Holder Sites (1-17): Please bring your own tent. Sharing with a participant is encouraged to save on space. One tent per site only please!

Participant: Participants must find a "Tent Holder" who has reserved a site number to share with. Then select "shared tent" under the site number tab. One tent per site only please!

Lastly, this is an ACC members camp so please ensure your membership is up to date.   Lack of gear concerns, questions and words of stoke can all be directed to   kira_bateman@hotmail.ca

Looking forward to another summer camp in the beautiful Kananaskis Country!


Summer Camp 2019 will be a mountaineering camp on a glacier.   

Stay tuned for details.  

Past 2017 Mountaineering Camp

Camp perched at 7,200 feet surrounded by granite spires and glaciers

Camp perched at 7,200 feet surrounded by granite spires and glaciers

2017 Summer ACC Camp

2-1 Weeks camps available.       Week 1- July 23-29         Week 2- July 29-Aug5


The camp will be in the Nemo Glacier area, in the Selkirk Mountains, S.W. of Golden, B.C. The area is spectacularly beautiful, heavily glaciated, and has numerous mountaineering objectives - including several peaks over 10,000’ high, including Mazinaw Mountain and Nautilus Mountain. Numerous other peaks provide all kinds of mountaineering objectives. All of the peaks are lovely granite! (a week’s break from crumbly limestone). Our base camp for
each week will be right beside a beautiful lake right below a glacier, at about 7,200’ – with spectacular views of glaciers, peaks and icefalls! The climbs start from about only 10 minutes from camp! All participants (and their gear) will be flown into (and out of) our camp, which would normally be an awful 2-3 day walk!

This area is perfect for beginning mountaineers, and some instruction (and/or review) of basic mountaineering skills will provided by our guides and amateur leaders. While participants do not necessarily have to have previous mountaineering experience to enjoy this week, it would be very helpful for people to have at least some scrambling and basic rope handling experience
before this camp. The ascents will be primarily on snow and ice, and will involve glacier travel, with some movement on rock towards the top of some peaks. For participants who wish to organize independent rope teams, there are lots of opportunities for more demanding objectives, including alpine ice climbing objectives. Summits and/or traverses will involve rugged terrain and/or significant distances, undertaken with typical mountaineering packs. Therefore, a good
level of fitness will be required. Participants are encouraged to come physically prepared by training beforehand, including a combination of aerobic training and/or strength training.

2017 Summer Camp Information Package