2017-2018 Training

Training courses will be coordinated through the club annually.  Avanlance safety training, rock climbing skills and much more.  These are the current courses in the works.  



This course is an introductory course and open to anyone, kids and familes included. The first day is spent in the classroom learning the theory and mechanics of avalanche formation, while the second day is spent in the field. The goal of the field day is to travel only so far as to facilitate the groups educational goals. The goal is not to have a big travel day. Students should be prepared to travel up to 4km and not gain more than 300m in elevation on the field day. We will be traveling on either alpine touring skis, splitboards, and/or snowshoes. It is up to you which you arrive with for the course.

Course will be provided by Cloudnine ACMG Guides

$50 discount for all ACC members.  You will need a promo code when purchasing your AST course.  Please contact Brad Hurkett bradhurkett@gmail.com  to verify your membership and obtain the promo code.  



During a combination of classroom and field sessions, participants should expect to be fully involved in the day to day decision making on course, with the support and feedback of your ACMG Certified Instructor & Guide. Our curriculum is based on nationally standardized material from the Canadian Avalanche Centre. We take that a big step further and specifically focus on delivering a program to our students that is relevant to the current trends in free-skiing, split-boarding and technical alpine and ice climbing in avalanche terrain.

Field days have a heavy focus on getting students into the lead and making decisions on the move at the front of the group (if they're willing to do so). Our Guides will introduce a variety of new snow stability tests, as well as a more advanced set of snowpack analysis skills and their application, not previously introduced on the AST 1 Programs.

Students will leave the course feeling confident in their ability to make more independent decisions in more complicated avalanche terrain.

Contact Brad Hurkett for $50 discount available to all ACC members.   bradhurkett@gmail.com>


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Anchor Building

Learn to safely build traditional rock anchors in the mountains.  


Dates to be determined.