+ How do I register for a trip?

You must be a current ACC Southern Alberta Section Member to register for section trips. After you have read the information about the trip on the trip schedule, call and/or send an email to the trip leader; their contact information is on the trip schedule spreadsheet. The trip leader will contact you to discuss trip logistics, and to make sure you have the appropriate gear, clothing, experience and fitness to ensure your trip is a safe and enjoyable one. If the trip is "full" when you contact the leader, the leader may ask you if you would like your name put on a cancellation list, in case other participants cancel at the last minute.

+ What gear do I need?

Your trip leader will provide you with a basic list of suggested gear, which vary from trip to trip. Because weather conditions vary, it is impossible to fully enumerate a list of the necessary gear for each trip. Nonetheless, a list of basic gear basic on trip type is provided as a starting point. Some gear may be available on a rental basis; please consult with your trip leader about whether gear is available for rent (e.g., tents, harnesses, etc.). If the scheduled trip is in the United States, you must have a valid passport. Further questions should be directed to your trip leader.

+ What prior experience is required?

Some trips are perfect for beginners; others require considerable experience in mountaineering, climbing, skiing, etc. Your trip leader will help you to decide if you have the proper experienc for the trip, and may also have suggestions for you on how to gain additional experience and/or connect with instructional courses.

+ Is this a "guided" trip?

Events are led by fellow ACC volunteer members who have demonstrated that they have the experience and leadership skills to lead their scheduled trip in a safe and enjoyable manner. led by trip leaders are not guided trips. Unless otherwise specified (for example, a formal course), the trips are NOT led by professional mountain guides. Because those participating in club trips have different levels of mountain, leadership and technical expertise, the trip leader provides basic leadership and advice to enable smooth group collaboration and model wise decision making processes. In order to do this, you will need to follow the leader's instructions during the trip (e.g., the group must stay together, you may be required to wear a helmet, use an avalanche transceiver, etc.). All participants will be required to sign an ACC waiver at the beginning of each trip (no exceptions). Here is the link to the waiver that you will need to sign on the day of the trip. WAIVER

+ What happens if I have to cancel?

Please advise your trip leader as soon as possible via email and/or telephone. More notice means more time is available for wait-listed participants to make travel arrangements. Fee based trip generally have a 72h cancellation window prior to trip departure. To protect all participant's limited time, trips depart on time.

+ Can I car-pool with others?

Yes. The trip leader will specify where and when participants will meet to begin traveling together. All people in a car-pooling vehicle will be expected to share the expense of car-pooling; please bring small bills or a cheque to pay the driver (so he or she does not need to make change). More information on traveling arrangements will be given to you by the trip leader, as needed.